Wagan Heated Back Support Cushion: Heated Lumbar Support

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What do you do to ease back pain when you sit in your office chair? Or when you spend long hours in the car driving distances? A portable velour back support cushion with inbuilt heated lumbar support is an effective easy solution to ease your sore back with the support it needs at the office or in the car. The best way to help damaged back muscles is with heat which goes deep into the muscle, helping to relax, soothe and heal.

 A Portable Solution To Ease Back Pain Wherever You Go…

The Wagan heated back support cushion can be used anywhere there is access to power as it comes with an adapter for mains power. The super soft velour provides the ultimate in comfort and warmth which is especially useful in Winter.  When you suffer from debilitating back pain and spend long hours sitting either in the car or in the office , there is nothing worse.

Benefits of The Wagan Heated Back Support Cushion

This portable back support cushion for home, office and the car provides an all in one solution to ease a sore lower back and relax tense muscles:

  • Features a lumbar cushion to comfortably support your lower back
  • Super soft velour provides soft luxurious  cushioning against hard chairs
  • Heat relaxes and eases muscles with a maximum heat temperature of 114 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Includes a 4.3 ft power cord
  • Plugs into the 12 volt DC outlet in the car
  • Has a high, low, off  temperature switch
  • Elasticized straps fit around car seats and chairs


You Deserve To Feel The Comfort of The Wagan Heated Back Support Cushion…

For drivers who choose not to have expensive heated seats installed in their vehicles at the time of purchase, this heated back support cushion is the perfect cost effective solution for both driver and passenger.

Experience the comfort of soothing heat and relief for your aching, tense  muscles after a long, busy day and use the convenient high/low/off switch to vary the heat setting.

 The Wagan 5-Amp AC to 12V DC Power Adapter For the Back Support Cushion


back support cushion for office chair
Wagan 5 Amp AC to 12V DC Power Adapter For Home And Office Use
The Wagan 5-Amp AC to 12V DC Power Adapter is a multipurpose adapter, allowing you to use your 12-Volt DC powered items outside of your vehicle, including in your home, office, or dorm.

The adapter is  ideal for GPS units, portable powered coolers/warmers, air compressors, and other DC appliances. This charger has a simple plug-in design that’s easy to use, and is vented for your safety.

 A Simple Solution For A Back Support Cushion for Office Chair

Its important to  provide comfort and warmth when you have a sore back and the Wagan back support for the office chair can  provide the perfect solution with its multi purpose use for home and car use. The padding and super soft velour provide additional cushioning against hard surfaces when you are sitting for long periods. You can read about the ergonomics of back support here.

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