Magnetic Back Brace Offers Healing Power and Support For Pain

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While many people who suffer from lower back pain use supportive back braces, a magnetic back brace may provide even more relief from chronic lower back pain. The point of a back brace is to provide lumbar and spine support so not as much strain is put on your back muscles.

This is especially helpful for those who lead active lives and don’t want to be bedridden for days; once you put the back brace on and adjust it to provide the adequate amount of support, you can go about your daily activities without worrying about injuring yourself further.

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Ziraki Adjustable Lumbar Lower Back Support Brace - Self-heating Magnetic Therapy Belt

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NMT Lumbar Support Brace and Adjustable Belt for Men and Women with Magnetic Therapy

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Magnetic Back Brace Belt w/ Free e-Book:Lower Lumbar & Sciatica Support AND Self-heating Acupuncture Magnetic Therapy for Deep Muscle Penetration

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HoMedics MW-BHC1 TheraP Hot/Cold Therapy Back Wrap with the Power of Magnets

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Back Brace Posture Corrector with Magnetic Stones for Lower and Upper Back Pain

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Maxar BMS-511 Lumbar Support Back Brace with 31 Powerful Magnets and Far Infrared Technology

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Nikken MagFlex Back and Chest Pad 14471 with Magnetic Therapy, Far-Infrared, Negative-Ions, DynaFlux Magnetic Technology 600-800 Gauss, Kenko

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Awesome Waist and Lower Back Support Brace with Therapeutic Magnets and FAR-INFRARED Heat Beads

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How Does a Magnetic Lower Back Brace Support Work?

A magnetic back brace goes one step further. Many studies are finding that the use of magnetic fields can help reduce back pain faster than traditional back braces. The science behind it is this: each one of your nerves maintains a balance of electro-chemical ions; when the nerves are injured, the balance of these electro-chemical ions is thrown off.

The nerve then becomes positively charged, which sends a pain signal to your brain. The use of magnets in a magnetic back brace allows you to use negative polarity to regain the balance of the ions in your nerves, easing the pain.

Too scientific? When you’re injured, your nerves get thrown out of the balance they are used to. The use of magnets restores that perfect balance, which gets rid of your pain. This restricts the amount of pain signals that are sent to the brain, and can even block them completely.

The use of magnetic fields can help regulate blood flow within your body, which sends more oxygen throughout the body and can relieve muscle tension. By increasing blood flow and oxygen throughout your system, your body is able to repair itself at a much faster rate.

Magnets Reduce Inflammation

When you are injured, inflammation leads to a lot of pain. The use of magnets in your magnetic back brace support can reduce the amount of inflammation, which can help reduce the amount of pain you are suffering from at a faster rate. By reducing inflammation, you slowly get rid of negative symptoms such as shooting pains, tingling, burning and numbness.

Healing Benefits of a Magnetic Back Brace

In order to reap the benefits of this type of back brace support, it’s important to only rely on it when you need to. You should wear this brace when you are experiencing extreme pain, or when you are about to take part in an activity that can put strain on your back muscles. Since the magnetic back brace helps to increase blood circulation within your body, it helps to condition the muscles in your lower back for movement.

Think of it as a sort of “warm up”; much like you would stretch before running to increase blood flow, you would put on the magnetic back brace before participating in a strenuous activity to also increase blood flow. This reduces the risk of muscle strain and spasm throughout your day.

You can wear these back braces during exercise, sports, heavy lifting and any other daily activities. Although your range of motion will be slightly limited, it is working to support your spine to reduce your risk of injury. Because of the magnets, this type of brace works far below the surface. It works all the way down to deep tissue, promoting regrowth and speeding up your body’s natural healing process.


Final Thoughts On Choosing A Magnetic Back Brace

When purchasing a magnetic back brace, make sure that you choose one that will fit you properly. If the brace doesn’t fit you snugly, it can be ineffective. You want to ensure that you are providing proper support. Whether you choose a magnetic back brace, a traditional lower back brace or a back support belt, you can be sure that you are giving your body what it needs to heal.

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