Omron TENS Unit Reviews For Omron Electrotherapy Pain Relief

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If you recognize the name Omron TENS there is a very good reason for it. The Omron Corporation has been producing various electronic devices since 1933. Based in Kyoto, Japan, the company was first established in the Omuro section of that city and that is how the company got its name. The company considers the manufacture and sales of “automation components, equipment and systems” as the main focus of the company business. They make top of the line TENS units and we wanted to share our Omron TENS unit reviews with you.

You will likely know the name from the various healthcare products they produce ranging from digital blood pressure monitors and thermometers to nebulizers and Omron TENS digital pulse massagers. It may be interesting to note that the Omron Corporation was one of the first to manufacture ATMs (automated teller machines) for financial institutions that could read the magnetic strip on the back of debit and credit cards.

A Little About Omron TENS Units

Omron Electrotherapy TENS units are FDA approved and give you a easy to use, drug-free solution for relief of muscle and joint pain. You are in control of your  personalized program. You can choose the level of intensity of the gentle massage-like pulses which provide on the spot pain relief. The Omron electrotherapy pain relief devices are portable. You do not need a prescription, Omron Electrotherapy may help relieve pain in around 15 minutes.

Electrotherapy is a drug-free non-invasive therapy. Electrotherapy is designed to reduce and relieve muscle or joint pain by applying targeted electrical nerve stimulation to the skins surface around and near the pain site.

Scientific theory suggests TENS electrotherapy works in several ways. The gentle massage like pulses work by blocking the pain message from reaching the brain. The body is triggered, stimulating the production of natural pain killers called endorphins as well as improving blood circulation. Here are our overall top 10 best TENS units for home use to browse through

3 Omron Tens Machine For TENS Therapy

TENS Units


Star Rating

More Details

Omron electroTHERAPY Pain Relief Device PM3030

4.2 / 5 Stars

Omron Pain Relief Pro

4.4 / 5 Stars

Omron Electrotherapy Max Power Relief

4.6 / 5 Stars

1) Omron electroTHERAPY Pain Relief Device PM3030

This Omron muscle stimulator is designed to be small enough to fit in your pocket. You will find the electroTherapy Device packs plenty of benefits to provide an effective treatment.  Omron TENS unit reviews show 922 customer reviews with 78% of reviews being 4 star and above.

3 Preset Programs Deliver TENS Unit Therapy

It comes complete with 3 preset programs of massage (arm, leg/foot, lower back) and 5 different TENS unit therapy intensity levels for each setting.

Self Adhesive Pads Can Be Used Up to 150 Times

This Omron electrotherapy pain relief device uses self-adhesive Long Life Pads that the manufacturer states can be used up to 150 times. The PM3030 includes two AAA batteries, an instruction manual, a quick start/pad placement guide, cords, pads and a pad holder.


Online Reviews Share How Easy The TENS Unit Is To Use

omron pain relief device

Omron electrotherapy reviews of this product are mostly positive with a slightly longer pro list than a list of cons. The positives include the size which is small and portable. The operation style which is very easy to use. The level of intensity ranging from not uncomfortable tingling to feelings ranging from nothing to sharp tingles.

Previous customers like the fact that the unit automatically shuts off. The negatives are based on overall performance where some users have not experienced significant results after repeated treatments. Like to learn more on what is a TENS unit for back pain and how they work?

Benefits Of The Omron electroTHERAPY Pain Relief Device :

  • Features 3 pre-set programs for­ Arm, Lower Back and Leg/Foot. Each program comes with 5 levels of therapy intensity to help relieve pain almost anywhere
  • Small and portable the Omron is designed to fit in your hand or pocket and can be used discretely anywhere
  • Comfortable, self-adhesive Long Life Pads are reusable for up to 150 uses
  • FDA cleared,prescription free for home use


2) Omron Pain Relief Pro

As the Omron TENS electric pulse massager is considered a top of the line product, we have provided three of the best TENS machine reviews of that brand.
The Omron Pain Relief Pro is about the size of your average smartphone. This means you will find it is small enough to go anywhere. However, don’t let the size fool you. as it is packed with features.

Large Easy To Read LCD Screen: 10 Intensity Levels & 8 Preset Modes

The easy-to-read LCD screen is combined with large button which makes this product very easy to use. The Omron electrotherapy pain relief device is powerful. You have a range of option, with a total of 10 different intensity levels and contains 8 preset modes to assist with personalizing your treatments.

A Complete Total Of 18 Treatment Modes To Choose From

There are 5 modes, arm, lower back, foot, joint and leg to treat pain. There are 3 massage modes which rub, knead and tap. All of which combine  to create various kinds of combinations of tens therapy for back pain. The therapy works effectively to address whatever pain issue you are trying to relieve in around 15 to 30 minutes of use.

omron electrotherapy pain relief device

Omron TENS Unit Reviews Are Positive

Omron TENS Unit reviews online of this product are generally positive ( 79 % were 4 star and above) with a few pros and cons. On the positive side, consumers appreciate how easy this Omron TENS unit is to operate. You just load the batteries and connect the electrodes and it is good to go. It is also very easy to operate if you have little or no electronic background.

Portable Lightweight Design

The instructions are extremely helpful and the overall lightweight design is popular. There is a belt clip that can allow hands-free operation and the controller uses AAA batteries, which are common and readily available.

The cons mentioned in omron electrotherapy reviews are few but include a notation that this product will only accept Omron brand replacement pads which cost slightly more than others; the intensity levels are still less than those you would receive in a professional clinic and the setting differences are not explained in the instruction pamphlet. Like to know more about what a TENS unit is?

Benefits Of The Omron Pain Relief Pro:

  • Use for only 15 mins a day
  • Uses Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) technology recommended and used by physical therapists and medical professionals
  • 100% drug free, stimulates natural endorphins to block pain. FDA cleared
  • Easy to read large LCD screen with good sized buttons for easy use
  • 10 Intensity levels lets you tailor your therapy to your needs 24/7
  • 8 Preset modes offer a wide range of pain relief choices to a relaxing massage

3) Omron Electrotherapy Max Power Relief

The manufacturer promotes this Omron TENS unit as having “2 times the power with 15 levels of intensity”. Which makes it “simple to find the right pain relief. The PM3032 is also smart phone size and includes a belt clip for complete portability.

90% of customer reviews were very positive in their feedback on the benefits of this Omron Electrotherapy Max TENS unit, with the majority being 5 star reviews.

Large LCD Screen And Buttons

Customers say the screen is large enough to be simple to read and the buttons are large and easy to activate. This unit has 6 different pain modes for TENS unit therapy  for shoulders, lower back, joints, legs, feet and arms. Plus, there are 3 massage settings which tap, knead or rub.

Includes A Carry Case, Quick Start Guide, Pad Holder And More

The Omron electrotherapy pain relief unit comes complete with a cloth carrying case, two AAA batteries, a quick start/pad placement guide, instruction manual, pad holder and electrode cords.

Omron electrotherapy reviews of this product are also mostly positive with a longer list of likes than dislikes. The pluses include the size of the design, the long life of the reusable pads and the fact that a treatment feels “like a massage, not like an electric shock.” One negative revolves around the fact that the unit uses AAA batteries, which do not have a long life after a few long therapy sessions.

Features Of The Omron Pain Relief Pro:

  • 95% of reviews on Amazon were mostly 5 star reviews
  • Triggers natural endorphin production to block pain and enhance circulation
  • Twice as powerful with 1-15 levels of pulse intensity
  • 9 Pre-Set Modes gives you a wide variety of choice in tailoring your pain therapy program
  • 6 Pain modes for Shoulder, Lower Back, Arm, Foot, Legs, Joint
  • 3 Massage Modes (Rub, Tap, Knead
  • Simple, large sized controls with a big screen for ease of use
  • Portable and easy to take along wherever and whenever you need pain relief…


The Bottom Line About Omron TENS Unit And Reviews

There is no denying that this is a quality name brand product. Given the history of the Omron Corporation and the long association with health care products and pain management, you would be right to expect the best in anything this company manufactures. TENS machines fall under the same category and clearly Omron TENS units are some of the best on the market. If you are in the market looking for a short or long term solution to managing life affecting pain, we suggest you read other TENS units and Omron TENS Unit reviews to learn about peoples experiences with your chosen model. Customer feedback is a valuable way of deciding does the device work well, is it easy to use, are th epads long lasting and more.

Omron TENS Unit Reviews For Omron Electrotherapy Pain Relief
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Omron TENS Unit Reviews For Omron Electrotherapy Pain Relief
Omron TENS Units are powerful devices used to deliver targeted electrotherapy pain relief to muscles and joints. Numerous levels of intensity plus massage modes gives you full control
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