TENS Unit for Back Pain: How To Relieve Pain Naturally

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transcutaneous-electrical-nerve-stimulation-for-back-pain There are benefits to using a TENS unit for back pain. Before we get into the details, let’s quickly review what a portable TENS unit is and what it does.
The best TENS Unit for home use is a small handheld device with wires that extend to electrode pads. The portable device will have a number of features on it depending on the brand and design. There will be more or less features from one model to another.

Most TENS Units feature A Range Of Massage & Stimulation Settings

Basically all the best tens unit for back pain will have settings for different types of massage and intensity of that massage. Electrical stimulation for back pain massage is created through the transmission of low-voltage electricity to the electrode pads. Don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe. You may have heard this treatment called transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation for back pain….

The pads are attached to areas of your body you intend to treat for pain. TENS stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. This is what the energy sent to the electrode pads will do. The stimulation of nerves near the source of pain or discomfort works to relieve pain. Like to know more about TENS units, what they treat and how they work?

 TENS Therapy For Back Pain

There isn’t a vast amount of documented research to support the theory that using a TENS unit for back pain works. Many people who used electrical stimulation for back pain claim treatments, reported they have helped a great deal. What seems to have some effect on the discomfort of back pain, is the way in which the electronic pulses are delivered.

You can view the top 10 most popular TENS Units

In TENS Therapy For Back Pain, Pads Are Placed Around The Sore Area

As stated above, electrode pads are attached to the part of the body requiring treatment. In the case of back pain they would be placed in locations that would be in close proximity to the spinal cord.

“Gateway Theory” Of  Pain Control

The gate control theory of electrical stimulation for back pain, introduced in the 1960s, states that when nerves are stimulated near a ‘gate’ they close it. Stimulating nerves near the spinal cord closes a gate mechanism. Which, in effect, eliminates the pain sensation when using TENS therapy for back pain relief.

Electronic Pulses Block Pain Signals

Using the best tens unit for back pain means the electrode pads deliver electronic pulses to nerves. During a treatment this feels like a tingling or similar kind of sensation. It is from this transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation for back pain where signals get blocked. Normally these signals travel to the brain in an attempt to alert it that something wrong is happening…

Instead, the brain releases good feeling endorphins, which are natural pain killers produced in the body.

Precautions and Warnings When Using A TENS Unit For Back Pain

Using any of best tens unit for back pain would be considered a form of alternative medicine. As a result, you are advised to consult with you family physician before using this as a treatment. Your doctor will indicate whether or not they feel it will be a good companion to any kind of medical treatment you are currently using. Also, your doctor will examine your pre-existing conditions to determine whether or not you are at a risk of developing any side effects while using tens therapy for back pain

Check With Your Doctor

If your doctor gives you the go ahead to safely use transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation for back pain, be sure to use your TENS unit only as your family physician recommends. Make sure you use it only in the way the unit instructions say it should be used. You should not leave the electrode pads in place for extended periods of time. If skin irritation develops, stop using the massager. The electrode pads should not be attached to broken or irritated skin.

Don’t Use In Water Or When Driving

You should not use a home TENS unit for back pain in, or near water, while driving, in conjunction with heating pads or cold packs nor should you use it while sleeping. Aside from all the precautions, you can rest assured that the technology used for a TENS massager is safe and effective. Many of the portable designs are manufactured by the same companies who make the larger, professional units found in clinics and spas.

Can You Use a TENS Unit for Back Pain?

Considering the use of portable handheld pulse massagers is commonplace and an accepted form of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation for back pain therapy, that should include all kinds of pain. Online reviews of TENS units typically lean heavy in favor of them fighting ongoing chronic conditions with electrical stimulation for back pain.

Some users of these products report little or no difference. If you happen to suffer from severe pain it should be a source of comfort to know that some of that pain will go away or be reduced considerably. It’s also nice to be able to remove life affecting discomfort in the privacy of your home using a TENS unit for back pain. This is a relatively inexpensive solution when you consider the specialist options.

TENS Unit for Back Pain: How To Relieve Pain Naturally
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TENS Unit for Back Pain: How To Relieve Pain Naturally
A TENS Unit for back pain works by blocking back, shoulder or knee pain by delivering safe electrical pulses via sticky pads. The body produces endorphins for natural pain relief
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